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Finally, a great alternative to bland lunchtime meal deals

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Anyone working in or around Sheffield will be familiar with the lunchtime rush and the struggle to find a lunch that tastes good, is convenient and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, we've managed to tick all of these boxes with our Five Til' 5 deal.

As well as being Sheffield's favourite Sports Bar, we pride ourselves on offering an amazing selection of delicious food and our chefs have worked hard to craft a unique lunch menu that is worlds apart from the bland meal deals you find at supermarkets.

For only £5, customers can choose from southern fried plates, burgers, sarnies, salads and dirty fries that come with a variety of toppings, check out the full menu below. These mouth-watering meals are a definite upgrade from packaged sandwiches and won’t cost much more.

We want to make sure everyone can enjoy a delicious lunch, whether you're a meat eater or you're powered only by plants which is why we've included a handful of tasty vegan and vegetarian lunch options. Southern fried seitan, Mockin’ bird salads and vegan BLTs are just a few of the options available.

The lunchtime offer is available Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm which means you can take advantage of it whatever shift you’re working. Advanced orders can be placed which means your food will be ready when you arrive and there won't be any need to rush.

To order in advance or book a table, call (0114) 280 8221 or email bookings@common-room.co.uk.


Each item only £5


Chicken Thigh

Mockin’ Bird (VG)



Southern Fried Chicken

Hail Seitan (VG)


Tender BLT

Vegan BLT (VG)

Wanna Be Donner (VG)

No Piggy With It (VG)


Chilli-Cheese (VGO)

I Donner Believe It (VG)

Mountie (VGO)

Katsu (VG)


Mockin' Bird (VG)

Bacon (VGO)

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